Strict Electronics Quality Control

Vitrionic Soltec Wave Solder Station at Electro-Pro in Cedarburg, WI - where Electronics Quality Control mattersElectro-Pro has stringent electronics quality control standards that assure our customers the finest quality products in the industry. It’s our mission to be the premier provider of electronic solutions. We will not compromise quality, we put our reputation behind everything that leaves our facility. We are very customer oriented, and working as a partner with our customers, we assure a finished product that will be extremely satisfying to both parties. With our high degree of professionalism and engineering knowledge, you are assured of receiving a product that performs as expected.

State of the Art Equipment

Weller Digital WRS7000X at Electro-Pro in Cedarburg, WIElectro-Pro invests in state of the art equipment for all areas of business. Proto-type work as well as re-work can be accomplished on the Weller digital, self contained WRS7000X seen here. It features hot air pens, vacuum aided placement pens and multiple heat soldering pens all centrally controlled. This versatile high tech workstation, when used in conjunction with vision assisted inspection equipment, assures perfection in solder joints every time. Just another reason we can assure customer satisfaction in all we do here at Electro-Pro.

Ragen Laser Insertion Table at Electro-Pro in Cedarburg, WIOur primary production equipment consists of one or more of each of the following: Dek Screen Printer for solder paste application, MYDATA pick and place machine for surface mount assembly, Universal 6241 Axial Sequencer Inserter for automatic through hole component insertion, Ragen Laser Insertion Table for semi-automatic final assembly operations and Vitrionic Soltec Wave Solder Station and Reflow oven for automated lead-free soldering operations.

Wayne Kerr 3930 ATE Testing Equipment at Electro-Pro in Cedarburg, WIOur primary test equipment is Wayne Kerr 3930 ATE for computerized in-circuit and functional testing of finished product. The production of the controls that have been described includes 100% testing of the finished product.

A brief description of a typical test can be described by the following sequence: Continuity, Polarity and Tolerance, Power Supply and Functionality. The continuity test checks all the runs on the PCB to assure that there are no short circuits, open circuits or sub-standard solder joints. The polarity and tolerance test verifies that all components are within specification tolerances and oriented with the proper polarity (as applicable). The preceding tests have been implemented using micro-power, such that any defect will not cause stress to the unit under test.

If higher power is applied to the unit under test, it potentially could cause stress to the unit and shorten its’ life. The power supply test verifies that the control’s power supply is functioning properly at standard, as well as specified extreme, input voltages. The functional test involves giving the unit under test full power.

All inputs are stimulated in a manner that will simulate actual operation, while the corresponding outputs are monitored. Electro-Pro has the capability to perform routine burn-in of products if deemed necessary.

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