Working with the Food Service Industry

Shake Machine / Shake Dispensers from Electro-Pro in Cedarburg, WI for Food Service IndustryThe food service industry has been one of our primary customer segments. Over the years, we’ve used our experience to build electronic components within ice cream machines, shake machines, ice making machines, heating controls, frozen carbonated beverage dispensers, soda dispensers, heated and refrigerated food cases and more!

Our components have helped the food service industry with automatic inventory tracking with their IT system. We’ve also designed and manufactured field test interfaces to help design engineers see electronic component activity in real time – before breaks occur.

At Electro-Pro, we provide contract manufacturing for the food service industry as well as full design engineering and manufacturing of a new technology. So whether you have your own design or need a new one, contact us today!

IntelliVend® Beverage Dispenser

IntelliVend® touchless beverage dispensing machine for Food Service IndustryPart of our work with the food service industry includes our very own technology. Based on a need we saw in the industry, we created the IntelliVend® Beverage Dispensing System for contact-free beverage dispensing of both hot or cold drinks and ice. IntelliVend® uses patented technology to sense and fill cups with no button pushing or contact at all. This revolutionary technology is available for other equipment in the food service industry. Just contact us to discuss your project and needs.


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