Electro-Pro Onshore Contract Manufacturing

On Shore Contract Manfacturing Services from Electro-Pro in Cedarburg, WI

If you have your own design we can provide complete electronic contract manufacturing services to your company. We love working on projects from the beginning concept and offering complete electronics engineering services. But sometimes our customers already have their design engineered – which works too! Then they provide the specs, plans, and parts to have our Electro-Pro team assemble, manufacture or build out their project.

Electro-Pro completes 100% of its manufacturing in the United States. Rather than taking your electronic contract manufacturing needs overseas, hire a company from the USA to streamline your project. Using American workers will prevent language barriers, high shipping costs, long timelines and other headaches.

Contact Electro-Pro for your next electronic contract manufacturing project to get the job done quickly, correctly and headache-free!

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