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Electronic Design Engineering CAD by Electro-Pro

At Electro-Pro, we have four decades of experience in electronic design engineering and delivering product and design solutions to the food, biomedical, auto and HVAC industries. Our team of driven, knowledgeable engineers will work with you to craft and execute the perfect design, from prototype to finished product.

We use the latest software, integrating technical skill with customer feedback in order to create, test, refine and improve your product. Our electronic design engineering services may include patent development, electronic manufacturing, project management, product testing, circuit board assembly and/or cost feasibility studies. In fact, there is no charge for problem analysis with our electronic design engineering services at Electro-Pro! Every design engineer project includes complete design specification development including engineering artwork, tooling and documentation.

We specialize in microprocessor, analog, digital and power electronics, as well as Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and custom industrial sensor design.

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